We are part of what the United Nations calls the “world’s largest minority,” a group estimated to be currently at 1.4 billion people, an emerging market the size of China. Despite this, we are one of the world’s most marginalised communities. Our needs have consistently failed to be addressed, even though anyone could join this “minority” at any point in their lives. Through our sheer hard-work, energy and passion, we will change this and ensure businesses, brands, and agencies around the world respect (and include) the value and lived-experience we bring their organisations. Together, we can right the ratio to make business (and the world) into a more equitable, inclusive, kinder, vulnerable, courageous (that’s open-to-failure), supportive, healthier place for all of us.

“Shared Values + Shared Action = Shared Profit (that’s financial profit and social profit).”
— Cindy Gallop
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ThisAbility in brief

Our Founder and Chief Purpose Officer, Sulaiman Khan, set up his venture when, over several years working in the creative industries, he simply wasn’t seeing anyone else like him.

ThisAbility is designed to serve disabled creatives and those who work in fields where the talent of these creatives is missing. Both of these communities are involved by participation in many ways including at events, consultancy, social media, and through face to face contact. Through our work, we ignite, empower, and amplify the work of disabled creatives who would be shut out otherwise and open the eyes of those who work in the creative industries to what they’ve been missing out on.

So, here is more about our branding and below is a bit more detail about us:

ThisAbility – Inclusively, daringly forwards.
Disability-led equity consultancy. We’re in business to ignite, empower, and amplify disabled creatives across the world. #ThisAbility