"YOU have escaped the cage. YOUR wings are stretched out. NOW fly." – Rumi. Below are details about our workshop/training programmes, as well a bit more information about the other services we provide. We want to better business (and the world) for everyone, especially to have greater inclusion of disability, disabled talent, and people with disabilities: We want you to join us. Go on, surprise yourself! Be bold, be wild, be fearless. As our friend and advisor, Rosemary Frazer, best said: “We're too busy to be disabled... Pity never solved shit!”.


Workshop ONE –Hack an 8 Trillion Dollar Market With Creative Disabled Talent

Deaf, blind, dyslexic and other people with disabilities are natural born creative thinkers. Why? They have to hack their way through the barriers of society. They need to think and act creatively to survive. Weirdly enough, 76% of people in the UK have never invited a person with a disability to a social event or their home. Most agencies don’t even have wheelchair access. That’s an untapped opportunity, as the annual disposable income of people with disabilities globally is over 8 trillion dollars. Join our workshop and learn how to hack into this thriving market by brainstorming with creative disabled talent.


Workshop TWO – Uncomfortable Magic

A workshop on always being uncomfortable and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, positively.


Workshop THREE – Playful Cleverness

A workshop on always being playful and having a child-like curiosity.