Founded by creative collaborator and adventurer, the award-winning Sulaiman Khan in 2016, ThisAbility is one of the most respected disability-led consultancy firms with a focus on creativity and disability as well as disabled creatives. 


We are an disability-led organisation that is passionate about the inclusivity of creativity and disability in the creative industries. Whether cognitive, developmental, intellectual, mental, physical, sensory, social, invisble, or some combination of these, and everything in between, we seek and connect to disabled creatives (and disabled audiences)–as well as anyone who believes in inclusivity and making the world a better place for all.

We are pan-disability – For anyone who cares about making a change.

We open the eyes of leaders in the creative industries (and beyond) to see the talent of disabled people and the potential of disabled audiences. 

So apart from bringing you a more significant, comprehensive resource for solutions to problems, we aim to bring business, brands, agencies, and professionals a competitive edge they seek.

We do this by igniting, empowering, and amplifying disabled creatives through consultancy, content creation, and workshops for business, brands, agencies, and professionals. We also provide other services including (but not limited to) events, training, championship, and awards.

Also, our ambition is to be at the forefront of genre-defying, boundary-pushing creative excellence, and inclusivity.

Even though she was talking about a different, mature topic, we agree with what Cindy Gallop said during her infamous, epic TedTalk from 2009 and it is relevant to how we feel about what we believe needs to happen in the creative industries to have greater inclusion of disability (and disabled people):  "... I have no problem realising that a certain re-education, rehabilitation, and reorientation has to take place..."

You can read more about our Purpose here too.

Join #ThisAbility if you are up for an adventure and ready for bold, wild, and fearless actions together.